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Thursday 18 October 2007

New Route 332

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Metroline Enviro400 TE 835 (LK57 AXP) at Paddington, 14th October 2007 

New route 332 was introduced last Saturday; operated by new Enviro400s from Metroline’s Cricklewood garage (or the temporary outstation across the road, at least), it links Paddington (not Marylebone as I said the other day – sorry about that) with Neasden, via the 16 and 316.

Here leaving Paddington on Sunday 14th October is TE 835 (LK57 AXP).


Monday 8 October 2007

Will the 316 gain double-deck buses?

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From time to time I look at my search statistics and see if anyone’s asked questions that brought them here, and whether I might be able to answer them. One I just saw is ‘Will the 316 gain double-deck buses’?

No, and yes; from 13 October it’s being split in two and the northern section handed over to new double-deck route 332, which will provide a further link towards town as far as Marylebone. The 316 was already part of a split route, the old 16, which was curtailed at Cricklewood garage this time ten years ago. Once the White City complex is in place, the 316 will be projected southwards towards it. The 316 started under Thorpe’s late in 2002, but the subsequent movement of that company under Metroline brought in its existing Darts like DLD 110 (T39 KLD), seen swinging into Ladbroke Grove Sainsbury’s on 3rd March 2007.

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