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Saturday 27 January 2007

Edmonton Green bus station opens

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First Capital Dennis Trident TN 32852 (T852 LLC) at the new Edmonton Green bus station, 27th January 2007
A while ago I posted about Edmonton Green bus station – well, the new one is open at last, so I went to see what I could see.

Shifted north ever so slightly so that the entrance is actually on the roundabout, the new bus station combines the ‘Bedouin’ design of Stratford with the layout of Walthamstow and Turnpike Lane, with pinched entrance and exit and a large area in between for terminating buses to stand. The migration is to accommodate a new building, with new shops and restaurants giving the area a somewhat more upmarket feel than perhaps it had been used to, with the excellent market still reachable but now through something of a canyon between the new buildings. To this end, maybe the designers haven’t given enough thought to how pedestrians were going to be using the bus station, because when I visited most of them were milling across the bus exit lane in a straight line, with an official on a PA having to shout increasingly irritable admonishments at them to cease and desist (not to mention two cyclists, who cheerfully ignored the instructions not to ride within the bus station!). People don’t like being herded off the straight line, and I hope that no accidents turn an otherwise promising beginning into a North Finchley-type farce (where the reconstructed bus station was open for only a few weeks before a fatal accident involving a 221 bus forced its closure, which remains the case nearly a year later).

Routes 191, 192 and W6 are probably the easiest to photograph at today’s Edmonton Green, as their stands are unimpeded, and accordingly here is First Capital’s Northumberland Park-based Dennis Trident TN 32852 (T852 LLC), with its willow leaves removed but the upper half still bearing the yellow band that was part of this discontinued livery.


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