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Friday 21 September 2007

Showbus 2007, part 3

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Three Stagecoach Cambus Enviro400s at Showbus, 16 September 2007)

I’m a fan neither of route branding (tacky, patronising, impractical) nor of the Enviro400 (dull, dull, dull), but this Stagecoach Cambus trio manage to make both look really good. The last set of schemes for the Cambridge Park & Ride was pretty decent as well, and Ray Stenning’s taken care to adapt the new version to the lines of the bus.
From left to right are 19298 (AE07 KYY), 19314 (AE07 KZR) and 19302 (AE07 KZC).


Thursday 20 September 2007

Showbus 2007, part 2

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Transdev Keighley & District Volvo B7TL 2701 (Y701 HRN) at Showbus, 16 September 2007Blazefield was an outfit that knew what it was doing – elegant liveries, decent blinds (look how they’ve actually used all the wasted space!) and competent buses. Transdev, who took over their operations a while ago, haven’t damaged them too badly, so far sticking to a plain fleetname. Keighley & District Volvo B7TL 2701 (Y701 HRN) demonstrates.

Wednesday 19 September 2007

Showbus 2007, part 1

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Preserved WMPTE MCW Metrobus 6832 (SDA 832S) at Showbus, 16 September 2007 A superb day – wall-to-wall sunshine (sufficient to cause sunburn!), not a hint of rain and perhaps a few buses less this year, making it easier to photograph throughout the enormous expanse of Duxford.

This is West Midlands PTE MCW Metrobus 6832 (SDA 832S), forerunner of the second-biggest fleet of Metrobuses outside London Transport. It’s been restored to the original livery, based loosely on Birmingham City’s colours, but unfortunately, due to the lack of imagination in legislation, the registration number characters are incorrect.

More Showbus a little later.

Friday 7 September 2007

Ken Livingstone is a…

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From 7th September’s Currant Bun.

And there was I thinking painting bus roofs white was a waste of time. Top marks to the painters!

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